Welcome to my wildlife website ...

This is my personal website where I keep my wildlife diary, my sightings and my photos. Whilst it is intended for my own use other nature enthusiasts might find some of the features useful and so I willingly make the site available for all to use (but see the small print at the bottom of the page!). My wildlife watching is done mainly in Dorset and only Dorset records and locations are included in this site. If you are interested in the nature of Dorset you may like my Nature of Dorset website which you can access directly from the menu option below.


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DIARY: My diary (starting from the beginning of June - too late for the previous 14 years!)

  • The date and where we went
  • Some highlights of what we saw
  • Some photographs I took


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SITES: An alphabetical list of the sites I have visited:

  • A brief description of the site and some added notes where available
  • Some general information about the site, its location, protection and ecological interest
  • Some photographs of the site shwing the features and habitats


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SPECIES: An alphabetical list of the species I have seen:

  • A brief description of the species and some added notes where available
  • Some general information about the species and where and when it can be seen
  • Some photographs of the species showing the features and variations


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RECORDS: A complete list of records I have collected since arriving in Dorset:

  • Species seen
  • Where and when they were seen
  • Some additional notes where appropriate


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From time to time I find something that catches my eye and I like to note record that with some thoughts in my blog.

Photo icon

PHOTOGRAPHS: A library of photographs from my wildlife travels:

  • Species I have seen
  • Places I have been
  • Those that reflect certain habitat types


Habitat icon

HABITATS: General information about the habitat types found in Dorset:

  • List of primary habitats with a brief description
  • The sites where the habitat type occurs in Dorset
  • Species that are indicators of each habitat type and others often associated with it


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NATURE OF DORSET: Visit my Nature of Dorset website for:

  • News of nature sightings from across Dorset
  • Daily reposts from Christchurch and Poole Harbours and Portland Observatory
  • Articles from the local press and enthusiasts blogs