Welcome to my wildlife website ...

This is my personal website where I keep my wildlife diary, my sightings and my photos. Whilst it is intended for my own use other nature enthusiasts might find some of the features useful and so I willingly make the site available for all to use. 


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DIARY: My diary (starting from the beginning of June 2020 - too late for the previous 14 years!)

  • The date and where we went
  • Some highlights of what we saw
  • Some photographs I took


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SITES: Information about of the nature reserves and wildlife hot-spots I have visited:

  • A brief description of the site and some added notes where available
  • Some photographs of the site showing the features and habitats
  • Details of the species that may be found there


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SPECIES: Information about species I have seen:

  • A brief description of the species and some added notes where available
  • Some general information about the species and where and when it can be seen
  • Some photographs of the species showing the features and variations


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RECORDS: A complete list of records I have collected since arriving in Dorset:

  • Species seen
  • Where and when they were seen
  • Some additional notes where appropriate


Habitat icon

HABITATS: General information about the Phase 1 classification of habitat types found in Dorset:

  • List of primary habitats with a brief description
  • The sites where the habitat type occurs in Dorset
  • Species that are indicators of each habitat type and others often associated with it


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NEWS: Everything that is new here in one place:

  • Links to various news sources about wildlife in my area in Southern England
  • What is new on my site and what are other people looking at on the site
  • My blog with thoughts about nature, places I have been and things I have seen


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BLOG: My Sidmouth Nature Diary:

  • What I have seen here in Sidmouth and the surrounding areas
  • Where I have been both in Sidmouth and nearby
  • Some other jottings on a nature theme related to East Devon


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PHOTOGRAPHS: A library of my species photographs:

  • Species I have seen
  • In common name sequence
  • Search by common name


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CLASSROOM: A selection of resources I have used that others may find useful:

  • Informal resources structured, in general, as short courses
  • No enrolment, no tests and no certificates!
  • A new project for me but more 'courses' coming over time 


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INFORMATION:Some background to the website and its use

  • Purpose: the reason the website exists and disclaimer for errors in the data and information contained within it
  • Scope: the extent of my intertest and the area covered by the that intertest
  • Ownership: Use of the data for educational purposes and how to contct me