Home Alone: Introduction:

We are both now seventy, Ann has Alzheimer’s, what does the future hold for me? That is, of course, a silly question as we can have no idea what the future holds but that does not prevent us having thoughts about what we may do in the future in differing scenarios so that we are prepared for it as best we can be.


Unless we go together in some dreadful accident then one of us is going to be left alone without the other at some point. I could speculate that it is probably going to be me given Ann’s condition but that it could possibly be Ann. Other than to try and ensure she has adequate financial provision there is nothing I can do to plan for Ann being on her own, it will be as it will be. For that very reason I hope she goes before me although I dread being left on my own.


If I am left on my own I can either collapse in a useless, sobbing heap or I can try and make the best of what life I have left. Obviously it will depend on how old I am and what state of health I am in when the time comes but I would hope I would be able to take the second path; being thankful for the many years we shared but being able to move on ‘home alone’!


Unless there is a sudden and dramatic change in Ann’s condition there is no immediate threat but I keep having thoughts about what I would do and so this paper is an attempt to clear my mind and it maybe be useful if the worst happens. It attempts to address three key issues:


  1. Where would I live?
  2. What would I do with my time?
  3. Would I live alone?

These three questions are very much bound up with each other but this is how I see things today, in July 2018.



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