My Dorset ... my view of some of the places to visit in Dorset

This is a new feature for 2018 so it will take a while for the list to build up!

We moved to Dorset in 2006 when we were somewhat younger and more mobile than we are now. These days we cannot do the long walks in the countryside that we used to do and have to restrict ourselves to shorter, more accessible places preferably with a decent lunch nearby! Many people visit Dorset each year and many of those will be of a similar age and mobility as we are so I hope that by sharing our view of some of Dorset's special places we can give you some ideas on where to go and what to do whilst visiting our beautiful county. I emphasise that these are our personal views and you may see things differently to us but, nonetheless, we sincerely hope these notes help you enjoy your visit.

There are three ways to find places to visit:

  1. If you are looking for things to do in a particular area then use the map below. Click on any pin to see the name of the location and then click on the name to find out what we think of that location, for more precise location details, for photographs and some other sources of information about the site
  2. If you know the name of where you want to visit and would like some more information about it then use the alphabetical index. If the place you want to visit is listed, click on the name for more information
  3. If you have a particular interest, houses and gardens for example, then both the map and the index give you the option to select your interest and see only those kind of places

You may find the 'My Dining' part of my website useful if you are looking for somewhere to eat although this is slightly geared towards pubs and restraunts near to where we live in Wareham.


Map of Locations: 
Index of Locations: 
Location (Click for my review of this place to visit) Date of Review
Portland Bill Thursday, 1 February, 2018


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