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Back in the late 1960's and early 1970's, like many of my age, I bought loads and loads of LP's, the vynal ones that pre-date compact discs and the digital revolution. I have lost many of them; some given away, some thrown away but there are a core of my favourites that are still with me although they have been neglected over the last 40 years as my musical tastes are not shared by my wife! I have a turntable and an amplifier and a stack of LP's now but one day I may be alone in a room in a care home with no turntable, no amplifier and no LP's, just a computer. As a result I intend to gradually transfer my record collection to computer and then one day I can immerse myself in that music again.

These LP's define who I was back then and still define who I am today. Music that moved me then through sensitive words or searing melodies or vibrant rhythms or exciting sounds, still move me now and one day this part of my past will be as important to me then as it was all those years ago.


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Below the Salt
Steeleye Span
Please to see the King
Steeleye Span
Ten Man Mop or Mr Reservoir Butler Rides Again
Steeleye Span


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