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We now have an enormous collection of photographs acquired over the years and we have put some of them together into slide shows which, in turn, we have converted into YouTube videos. This is for our own ease of use so that we can see them on any compatible television, on any computer, tablet or phone, and any other device that has the ability to show YouTube format output. 

Whilst these are publicly viewable they are unlikely to be of much interest to anyone other than ourselves but maybe the Nature of Dorset ones could entertain others?

There are four themes; diaries, history, memories and nature. You can filter the index and see only entries for that theme so if the Nature of Dorset ... as I se it series interests you select nature from the theme list.


Video Index: 
Link Title Description Number of Slides Running Time Theme
view Nature of Dorset ... as I see it vol 1

Some of my wildlife and nature photographs from late summer

61 12 min 10 secs Nature
view Our Wedding

We were maried on Saturday 25th June 2018 in St Mary's Church, Andover. Here are our photographs of the day, both those by our official photographer and those from family and friends who were there.

54 10 mins 52 secs Memories


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