Orchard Ancestry Chart


This is a simple chart showing how Charles and Beatrice Orchard came together. It may help with the story that follows:

John Orchard

Anna Beer


Ephraim Orchard

Emma Pickard




Henry Orchard*

Hannah Musselwhite








Charles Orchard

Beatrice Orman

Joseph Pickard

Ann ?

Joseph Musselwhite

Lucy Wheeler


Charles Musselwhite

Ann Wheeler


William Wheeler

Elizabeth Birt

Samuel Orman

Mary Jones


Moses Orman

Eliza Read





George Orman

Anne Bundy


James Read

Sarah Bracher

Benjamin Bundy

Jane Elton


 Joe Bundy

Sarah Chandler

Stephen Chandler

Ann Lowe


*Believed not to be the biological father of Charles Orchard but the origin of the Orchard name after Hannah married Henry in 1890 

? Joseph Pickard married Ann prior to the start of central registration of births, marriages and deaths in 1837 and so it has not been possible to determine her maiden name. This would need a visit to Norfolk to view the church registers.


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These are the people mentioned in the above story. Click the name of any person you want to know more about:

Name (Click to see details) Date of Birth Parents Date of Marriage Spouse Child Date of Death
Musselwhite, Joseph Sun, 25/03/1792 Tue, 12/10/1813 Wheeler, Lucy Musselwhite, Charles Tue, 26/02/1856
Wheeler, Lucy Sun, 30/12/1792 Tue, 12/10/1813 Musselwhite, Joseph Musselwhite, Charles Sun, 14/09/1879
Bundy, Benjamin Sun, 30/12/1804 Elton, Jane Bundy, Joe Thu, 01/01/1863
Read, James Sun, 04/09/1808 Fri, 05/11/1830 Bracher, Sarah Read, Eliza Fri, 01/10/1875
Wheeler, William Fri, 21/07/1809 Thu, 04/08/1831 Birt, Elizabeth Wheeler, Ann Sat, 01/10/1864
Birt, Elizabeth Fri, 14/09/1810 Thu, 04/08/1831 Wheeler, William Wheeler, Ann Thu, 01/04/1897
Pickard. Joseph Tue, 01/01/1811 Pickard, Emma Tue, 01/01/1850
Bracher, Sarah Mon, 08/04/1811 Fri, 05/11/1830 Read, James Read, Eliza Fri, 01/01/1892
Elton, Jane Thu, 18/04/1811 Bundy, Benjamin Bundy, Joe Fri, 01/07/1853
Orman, Samuel Fri, 07/08/1812 Tue, 07/07/1835 Jones, Mary Orman, Moses Fri, 01/07/1887
Orchard, John Sun, 15/11/1812 Sat, 02/11/1833 Beer, Anna Orchard. Ephraim Tue, 01/01/1856
Chandler, Stephen Mon, 01/08/1814 Lowe, Ann Chandler, Sarah Thu, 01/10/1846
Beer, Anna Sun, 23/06/1816 Sat, 02/11/1833 Orchard, John Orchard. Ephraim Thu, 01/10/1846
Jones, Mary Sun, 07/09/1817 Tue, 07/07/1835 Orman, Samuel Orman, Moses Fri, 01/04/1887
Lowe, Ann Sun, 25/06/1820 Chandler, Stephen Chandler, Sarah Thu, 01/07/1869
Musselwhite, Charles Tue, 02/03/1824 Sat, 02/02/1861 Wheeler, Ann Musselwhite, Hannah Tue, 05/01/1909
Bundy, Joe Mon, 06/07/1829 Chandler, Sarah Bundy, Annie Wed, 01/01/1908
Pickard, Emma Fri, 01/01/1830 Tue, 01/01/1867 Orchard. Ephraim Orchard, Henry Sat, 01/10/1904
Wheeler, Ann Fri, 09/03/1832 Sat, 02/02/1861 Musselwhite, Charles Musselwhite, Hannah Sat, 07/02/1925
Orchard. Ephraim Tue, 01/01/1839 Mon, 01/07/1867 Pickard, Emma Orchard, Henry Fri, 16/04/1880
Read, Eliza Tue, 01/01/1839 Mon, 05/11/1860 Orman, Moses Orman, George Sun, 01/04/1888
Orman, Moses Fri, 01/01/1841 Mon, 05/11/1860 Read, Eliza Orman, George Mon, 01/12/1919
Chandler, Sarah Thu, 01/07/1841 Bundy, Joe Bundy, Annie Mon, 01/01/1906
Orman, George Tue, 01/01/1861 Mon, 01/04/1889 Bundy, Annie Orman, Beatrice Sun, 01/06/1930
Musselwhite, Hannah Sun, 23/03/1862 Thu, 20/03/1890 Orchard, Henry Orchard, Charles Sat, 01/06/1946
Orchard, Henry Wed, 01/07/1868 Thu, 20/03/1890 Musselwhite, Hannah Mon, 01/03/1926
Bundy, Annie Wed, 14/04/1869 Mon, 01/04/1889 Orman, George Orman, Beatrice Wed, 12/06/1957
Orchard, Charles Sat, 22/10/1887 Sat, 01/01/1910 Orman, Beatrice Wed, 09/02/1972
Orman, Beatrice Mon, 19/08/1889 Sat, 01/01/1910 Orchard, Charles Wed, 02/10/1963


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