Part 7: Happy Families

After their marriage in 1910 Beatrice (nee Orman) moved in to Seaview Cottage in Ashlett with her new husband Charles Orchard and 'Grannie' Musselwhite (nee Ann Wheeler) and they  lived there until Charles retired at 65 in 1952 and it was in this small cottage where all fourteen of their children were to be born and raised; but as my father (Alfred) was quick to point out, they were not all there at the same time! The cottage was, in fact, a semi-detached and they only had half of it! One can only marvel at how they managed.

Grannie Mussellwhite continued to live with them until she died in 1925 aged 93! She was remembered with fondnest by the children of the family who were old enough to remember her.

When Charles and Beatrice eventually left Seaview Cottage they moved to nearby Blackfield living for a while in Newlands Close before then moving into a house in Heather Road. Many of their children lived nearby on the Waterside and, indeed, many of their grandchildren still do to this day. Seaview Cottage is owned by Cadland Estates and is now rented holiday accommodation (See below!). I imagine that Charles Orchard worked for the estate as a painter and was allowed to stay in the cottage whilst he worked for them and had to leave on retirement. That is just speculation of course but does seem likely.

Beatrice died in 1962 aged 75 and Charles lived on until 1972 when he died at the age 85. 

Here is a summary of the Orchard's children:

Date of Birth Forenames Spouse Children Now
23rd March 1911 (Baptised) Olive Lillian
  1. Sydney Barnett
  1. David
  2. Geoff
  1. Barnett
  2. Barnett
11th March 1912 (Baptised) Charles George
  1. Ivy Cole
  1. Pat
  2. Lynda
  1. Tunster
  2. Green
24th July 1913 Nellie Beatrice (Helen)
  1. Walter Scorey
  2. Fred Permain
  3. Cyril Pritchard
8th October 1914 Ada May (Peg)
  1. Russ Peak
  1. Wendy
  1. Andrews
23rd November 1915 Alfred Earnest
  1. Alice Swanwick
  1. Peter
  1. Orchard
1917 Frances W
  1. Charles Gateman
  2. Jack Lewin
  1. Sandra
  2. Pauline
  1. Hawkins
  2. Deceased - 1946
1919 Albert Stanley
  1. Kathleen Mann
  1. Janet
  2. David
  1. Not known
  2. Orchard
1920 Edward Victor
  1. Renee Emery
  1. Yvonne
  1. Witcher
1921 Beatrice Elizabeth
  1. Ewart Guppy
  1. Raymond
  1. Guppy
16th November 1922 Ronald Leslie
  1. Freda Plank
  1. Heather
  2. Jennifer 
  3. Alan
  4. Colin
  5. Rosemarie
  1. Green
  2. Deceased - 2016
  3. Orchard
  4. Orchard
  5. Molyneux
18th October 1925 (Baptised) Reginald John
  1. Margaret Porter
  1. Malcolm
  2. Melvyn
  1. Orchard
  2. Orchard
9th June 1929 (Baptised) Derek Godfrey
  1. Audrey Read
  1. Susan
  2. Roger
  3. Terry
  4. Gillian
  5. Keith
  1. Susan
  2. Orchard
  3. Orchard
  4. Barclay
  5. Orchard
25th October 1931 (Baptised) Brenda Rose
  1. Ronald Hall
  1. Imellda
  2. Larry
  3. Marlene
  4. Trina
  1. Rosier
  2. Hall
  3. Hall
  4. Campbell
1936 Gwendoline A
  1. James Pettet
  1. Steven
  1. Pettet

Recent letting Information for Seaview - this is now converted into a single holiday cottage, Charles and Beatrice only had half of it to raise their family as well as accommodate Grannie Musselwhite!

Seaview is a seaside house to create envy. The combination of cottage + view + next door pub, is hard to beat. Romantics, writers and artists will be as happy here as families who come for the crabbing, exploring and wild play. The style is immaculate, fresh and on trend. The views broad, boaty and busy. For those who don’t want to cook The Jolly Sailor pub is well regarded and will look after you well.

‘Sea-salts’ will enjoy watching the busy water ahead whilst supping drinks from the pub, whose outdoor tables spill over onto the grassy area beside the cottage. The kids will be crabbing for hours, or exploring the local tracks and trails.

Guests who stay for a week will get a super local and delicious hamper of goodies: Cadland freshly baked sourdough loaf, milk, fresh eggs, bacon, Cadland Estate honey, farm butter, sustainably sourced tea, coffee and mint leaves.

Up to 5 adults + 4 children + 3 babies in cots.
The bunks are full size but the room won’t suit 4 adults. So we feel the house best suits 2 couples and kids, or 2 couples and 2 other adults.

Priced from £700 for midweek stays, £800-£1350 for weekends and £1400-£2800 for weekly stays.


Upstairs: 2 doubles; 1 king, 1 queen. 1 single or 1 cot. Downstairs: 2 bunk beds.

Upstairs; 1 family bathroom with shower over bath, Downstairs; 1 shower.

Kitchen table seats 8 comfortably on bench seats.

For Kids
The 2 double bedrooms upstairs are suitable for 1 or 2 travel cots.

Special stuff

Great walking from the cottage, 

There are 2 sets of stairs in the cottage, both are very steep and narrow.
There is a downstairs bedroom which has 2 bunk beds in it, so not really suitable for older folk.


These are the people mentioned in the above story. Click the name of any person you want to know more about:

Name (Click to see details) Date of Birth Parents Date of Marriage Spouse Child Date of Death
Wheeler, Ann Fri, 09/03/1832 Sat, 02/02/1861 Musselwhite, Charles Musselwhite, Hannah Sat, 07/02/1925
Orchard, Charles Sat, 22/10/1887 Sat, 01/01/1910 Orman, Beatrice Wed, 09/02/1972
Orman, Beatrice Mon, 19/08/1889 Sat, 01/01/1910 Orchard, Charles Wed, 02/10/1963


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