Countryman Inn

A typical Dorset country pub in nice surroundings and an attractive interior bearing some of the hallmarks of this 'genre' with a varied collection of kitchen tables and chairs and an assortment of local photographs on the wall and farming implements from the past including tractor seats (on the wall, not to sit on). 

Not long after we moved to Dorset in 2006 the owners at the time retired and the pub was acquired by a small chain and the place, in our opinion, went down hill and we stopped going but a couple of years ago it changed hands again and i did not take long for word to get around locally that it was 'on the up' and is popular with locals and visitors alike. As I always say, you have to have reasonable expectations, this is a Dorset country pub, family owned and run. The menu choice is quite extensive but is typical 'pub' food with lots of (very good) chips available! I also think this is a fair place, I don't mean in quality but in what you get for your money. We have always found the food to be good (for pub food) and of ample size for our appetite. I was struck by a simple example of this 'fairness'; they do an excellent omelette with a choice of six fillings the price is the same however many you opt for, usually you find it is "add an extra filling for £1.50" or something like that.

They do carvery sessions at lunch time and in the early evening on Wednesdays and Sundays and these are well thought of and popular locally.

The downsides? The car park! They have a large car park but it is full of large pot holes and it can be very messy getting from you car to the door in winter. Other than that, we like it but, as always, it won't be everyone's cup of tea.



Headline A reliable backstop! Always good and reasonable
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Date of last visit Monday, 7 October, 2019
Date of Review Tuesday, 20 March, 2018

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