Frampton Arms

The Frampton Arms has been a regular lunch time pub for us for several years now having discovered it shortly after moving to Dorset in 2006. We like it; it is a calm. comfortable pub and we feel at home there. The pub must surely once have been called the Railway Hotel as it is just outside Moreton station on the Bournemouth to Weymouth line and the bar has a wonderful collection of paintings and photographs of the days of steam trains which I always remember with fondness from teenage years as a train spotter! It creates a nice atmosphere. There is a room used as a dining area but the main restaurant area is a light and attractive conservatory; not like the conservatory you might put on your house, more an extension with large, panoramic windows.

If you have read other reviews of ours you will probably know that food is not the be all and end all of our dining out experience! If I am brutally honest the food is not the best we encounter but, that said, it suits us. It is one of those places we go to avoid chips and, although they do good chips, they usually have a good section of non-chip meals. As with many pubs there is the standard menu topped up with half a dozen 'specials' and I confess to a passion for the blade end of beef that appears as a special every now and again. 

The staff are always pleasant but not over friendly, as they can be in some places, and we notice that, in general, the staff do not change frequently which indicates a happy place to work and that, in turn, generally makes it a happy place for the customers to eat. It is rarely busy at lunch times but it can be in the evenings, especially in summer, as a number of families from the nearby caravan site use it for their main meal.

The downsides? Only one for us really and that is the road outside is used by a number of lorries and other large vehicles who tend to drive over the level crossing at some speed creating fair amount of rattling and bumping noises in the process. Add to this four trains an hour running just outside the conservatory window and you do not, therefore, find yourself in a country pub with pleasant views across the fields! That said, the conservatory is well sound-proofed and it is not a real issue for us but we mention it so it does not take you by surprise.

NOTE: On our last visit there we discovered the owners are retiring and have sold the pub and the hand over is currently taking place. This will mean changes of course which may be for the best or may be not - time will tell. We hope it does not change too much and I am sure many other loyal customers will feel the same.


Headline One of our favourite five!
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Date of last visit Thursday, 22 August, 2019
Date of Review Wednesday, 7 March, 2018

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