Greyhound Inn

Today was our first visit to the Greyhound Inn but as it is owned by the same people that own the Kings Arms at Stoborough and the Saxon Arms at Stratton we were pretty confident it would be well worth the effort. Sydling St Nicholas is a forty five minute drive for us from Wareham which is a long way if you just want lunch! As it was, we also wanted to have a wander around the village as we nearly bought a house there twelve years ago before we eventually moved to Wareham and so it was a kind of sentimental return to see what we missed.

Although the Internet gives the impression that Sydling is in Dorchester it isn't; it is a twenty minute drive from Dorchester. It is a fairly remote community in a perfect country setting and is not a large village by any means although it does seem to have a pretty active population judging from posters in the bus shelter. The road through Sydling is not a main route and sees only local traffic. So for a Thursday just before Easter in a remote Dorset village I would have expected it to be pretty quiet but I reckon they will have served over sixty meals in the two hours around lunch time. In other words, it is a popular venue as most of those sixty people will have made a journey to be there, it was not just locals.

The pub is quite large with plenty of room and is furnished in true Dorset country pub style; an assortment of old kitchen tables and chairs with a charming collection of unmatching pictures and adornments. There is a restaurant area and a bar area so you can choose which suits you best. We were made very welcome by the staff and felt comfortable even though in new surroundings.

The menu is pretty much as you find in most Dorset pubs some 'chip' favourites and some more special meals. I really enjoyed my duck leg and Ann said her steak and ale pie was one of the best she has had.

The downsides? The only downside to me was also an upside! It is a bit of a trek along a country lane to get there, however its remote village location adds to its overall appeal. We will be back in the summer to explore some of the chalk grassland downs that surround the village and that will mean lunch at the Greyhound again I suppose.



Headline Well worth the effort
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Date of last visit Thursday, 27 June, 2019
Date of Review Thursday, 22 March, 2018

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