Halfway Inn

We moved to Dorset in 2006 and although the Halfway Inn is just 10 minutes from where we live, and we pass it ferquently, we hove only had lunch there on no more than a dozen occasions. When we have eaten there it has always been good so why do we not go there more often? That was a question we asked ourselves today as we had our lunch there. It is a Dorset country pub; an atractive old building with stone walls, low ceilings, open fires, a mixed collection of tables and chairs, a standard 'Pub Favourites' menu and some daily chef's specials, it reasonably priced and, as I said, has always been good.

Given it meets many of our criteria it does seem odd it does not get the attention from us it seems to deserve and we had to think hard as to why but in the end we came up with three reasons. Firstly, it is hugely popular and usually when we pass the car park is packed. It certainly can be very busy in summer and all year round at weekends. It is on the main road from Corfe, Swanage and Studland back to Poole and is a favourite stopping off point for day trippers. Secondly, there is often a sign outside saying 'staff wanted' which makes you think they are short staffed and that the service is going to be lacking. Finally, every time we go it seems to have new managers; no one seems to stay there long and that makes for a degree of uncertainty as to whether it will be as good next time you visit. We are probably being unfair to the place but these signals do have a bearing on how you perceive a place.

This certainly one for 'out of season' for us but we ought to go there more often.



Headline Perhaps deserves more attention from us
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Date of last visit Thursday, 27 December, 2018
Date of Review Thursday, 1 March, 2018

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