Lobster Pot

It may not look much from the outside, just a wooden shack perhaps, but you can't judge an eating place by its external appearance! With limited physical resources to work with the proprietors have turned there 'wooden shack' in to a very pleasant cafe and gift shop. They call it the Lobster Pot Restaurant but, without wanting to take anything away from the place, the title of restaurant is a bit grand for it!

Now, I may have said it is not worthy of the name 'restaurant. and now I am going to contradict myself by saying that the fish and chips here is truly excellent. Ann and I are, like many of my fellow English folk, very partial to fish and chips and the fish and chips here at the Lobster Pot is, in our view anyway, as good as you will find anywhere in Dorset. I think there may be various reasons for this. Firstly, when it comes to meals (there are snacks as well) the menu is really just a small number of chip dishes. This means that the kitchen is not stretched having to cope with a wide variety of orders, it can concentrate on what it does best. Secondly, the batter is not a centimetre thick and very sickly as it can be in some pubs. The batter is thin , light, delicate and, to our taste anyway, delicious and enhances the fish and not over power the fish. Mind you, I am no chef or food critic so who am I to get technical about the qualities of batter?

There is another reason too; there is something special about fish and chips by the sea. You sit at your able and the sea is right outside the window just fifty or so yards away. Now I know the cod was not caught out there in Portland races that morning but regardless of where the fish was caught eating here in the Lobster Pot seems to make it special!

As I said above, the Lobster Pot does light snacks as well as small selection of chip and something meals. I have neighbours who go down there at least once a year for the crab sandwiches, the cream teas are very popular with others around us when we have lunch there, and the must serve countless portions of the excellent Dorset apple cake.

The down side to the Lobster Pot? It can be very busy. It is not very big, just fifteen tables or so, and Portland Bill is a poplar spot for coach tours and if you arrive just after a coach party then you have no chance, We go down in winter for the fish ans chips and even then there is sometimes a queue for a table! 

So, if you are at the Bill don't be put off by the wooden shack, if there is no queue then give it a go and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. It won't suit everyone I suppose, but then some people find it easier to be negative thatn positive!


Headline Fish and chips is always better by the sea
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Date of last visit Monday, 25 February, 2019
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