Marquis of Lorne

Some will think I am a bit sad because today I am enthusing over what I think was the best ham, egg and chips I have ever had. I am excited about HAM, EGG and CHIPS? You may think that is sad but these days when life is so complicated I find pleasure in simple things like ham, egg and chips. Nothing complex, nothing exotic, nothing fancy just good old fashioned ham, egg and chips. Where did I encounter this wonder dish? At the Marquis of Lorne in Nettlecombe, a few miles in land from Bridport.

The Marquis is set in a lovely location on a hillside overlooking the rolling west Dorset hills, a truly delightful situation. Once you find it the first thing you notice is the beautiful little garden and the children's playground, not full of gaudy plastic swings but a well made, timber framed assault course that I would have loved to have a go at when I was young enough! Inside it has all the required Orchard features of a Dorset village pub. The mishmash of tables and chairs, the old local photographs of the village and the countryside, the homely feel and the warm welcome. The Marquis has all of these in good measure. 

So back to the food and that ham, egg and chips. I decided on that after some deliberation as there were at least five options I was tempted by. It is a wide ranging menu with cottage pie and fish and chips at one end of the spectrum to belly pork and half shoulder of lamb at h the other. Although we don't do it these days there is also a good range of starters and deserts. If the ham, egg and chips is a bit special then I am sure the quality of the other meals is pretty good as well.

The downsides? Probably finding it! We chanced upon it driving around after a walk at Kingcombe some five miles away and I am not sure I could find it again; well, maybe with the sat nav now I could.


Headline A delightful country pub
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Date of last visit Thursday, 17 May, 2018
Date of Review Thursday, 17 May, 2018

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