New Inn

The New Inn, like many pubs that bear that name, is far from new! Their website says that the building dates back to the 16th Century and, originally a farm building, it has been an inn for the best part of 200 years at least. When you enter the main bar you are immediately struck by the thought that many, many years ago it was a barn or store. 

The New Inn is full of Dorset village pub characteristics. That said, the tables and chairs do seem to match in the bar at least which is a tad unusual! There are various adornments including a hand operated Singer sewing machine just like the one my mother had. The New Inn certainly meets our criteria for a Dorset village pub and we are very fond of it. Church Knowle is a small village and so the New Inn cannot exist solely on local trade and depends on return visitor from further afield and does very well from local camp sites in summer. We are fortunate in living quite close by and we visit at lunch times out of season when it is quiet but it can be very busy in the evenings and at weekends, especially in summer.

The chef has a strong leaning towards fish and there are always a selection of fish 'specials' available but my preference is for the chicken curry. It is not presented as anything but a 'chicken curry', it does not pretend to be a chicken madras or a chicken jalfrezi or what ever, just a plain chicken curry but in my humble view it is certainly the best chicken curry to be had in a pub anywhere in Purbeck (although I have to confess I have probably not tried them all yet!). My wife does not like curry so we never get to an Indian restaurant so I have to make do with pub curries.

We visit the New Inn frequently; we like the surrounding and the food is suits us for what we are looking for at a lunch time. It is one of our favourites and we have never been disappointed.

Downsides? Only the fact it can get very busy in summer but some people like 'busy', we prefer 'quiet'.


Headline One of our top five!
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Date of last visit Thursday, 10 October, 2019
Date of Review Thursday, 8 February, 2018

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