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The New Inn at West Knighton is not a pub you are likely to pass by by chance and think you might pop in! Like many Dorset country village pubs you have to go looking for it. West Knighton is not a large village and not on a main road and so you are guaranteed one thing, the road outside is not going to be noisy unless the farmer in his tractor passes by. The other thing about the New Inn is that it is far from new! As a pub it apparently dates back to the mid-Victorian era but as a building it is much older.

When you enter the New Inn you find yourself in a small pub bar with a few mixed tables and chairs and a pool table at one end. You might just think you have made a mistake if you are looking for a good meal but when you are shown through to the restaurant your whole perception changes. The restaurant is quite large by country pub standards, well furnished (with padded dining chairs which is rarity in Dorset pubs) and is impeccably clean. It is a delightful mix of 'ancient and modern'. It is at the rear of the building and has a pleasing countryside view across fields to more distant woodland.

There is an ample choice; a fixed menu supplemented by a number of specials which change from time to time. This is not what we call a 'chips with everything' pub, it has proper meals! There is something for most people's taste I would have thought as I frequently find myself trying to whittle down four or five candidates to just one. I can order my final choice in confidence as, having been to the New Inn several times, I know what ever I choose will be very good. Not being a professional in the food business I find it hard to describe the cuisine but I can say the chef has a good reputation and it shows why when you get your meal. I consider the prices to be reasonable too compared to what one might have to pay in restaurants of similar quality in towns.

On the down side? Well, if I think of anything I will add it here at some point in the future but frankly I think that is going to be unlikely, the New Inn at West Knighton is certainly one of our top five.

One final point, the New Inn does provide accommodation but it is NOT a hotel, it is a 'family' run inn. I was disappointed to read a couple of negative reports on TripAdvisor but they were from people who arrived late and were unhappy with their reception. I wonder whether they considered ringing the New Inn to explain so the staff at the New Inn could plan accordingly or did these people just walk in and expect the small team to leave everything else and give them priority? I wish people would get their expectations in line with reality some times - rant over!


Headline One of our top five!
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Date of last visit Thursday, 10 October, 2019
Date of Review Thursday, 8 February, 2018

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