Having had various wonderful holidays in Italy Ann and I wish we could return but, sadly, current circumstances mean we never will and so we like to grab a piece of Italy whenever we can. This usually means lunch at Topogigio when we do our monthly 'big shop' in Wimborne. We are known by the staff there now and always feel not just welcome, almost at home! They have a faithful following of customers and they treat them all as friends it seems!

I think family run 'genuine' Italian restaurants are a fading feature of our towns now; the one in Dorchester closed last year and another has gone from Weymouth in the not too distant past. Fortunately there are no signs of Topogigio going anytime soon. Topgigio have an extensive range of pastas and pizzas which suit us at lunch time but they do a wider range of meals as well, of course, which might suit evening dining. The also do an amazingly cheap lunch time offer if you don't want anything too much but we always go for one of the main pasta dishes.

I have a passion for the penne arrabiata (with chicken added). I confess to always having this when we go, Nino doesn't even ask me what I want anymore! One of things I like is that although I always order the same dish it is different every time. No standard prepared packs to quickly warm up here, the chef cooks it to order and you get it the way he does it for you that day. It is still penne arrabiata but some times you get more olives, sometimes you get complete basil leaves other times shreds, I could go on but sufficient to say it is always unique and always excellent.

The downsides? For us none of course but for others it may not suit. This is not the place to go if you want to pass the complete evening! It is also not really the place to go as a large party. This is a family run business with limited staff resources to call on. As they get busier (and they do get very busy) the two on duty during that session just work faster! This can lead to you feeling rushed perhaps but it is not intentional, it is just the staff work quickly to meet demand. They aso have a small kitchen and one main chef so when they get hit with a large order it gets quite exciting in the kitchen.

I think you need to accept Topogigio for what it is and not try and wish it was something grand. It is far from grand, it is a small, charming, genuine Italian restaurant and we love it!



Headline A little piece of Italy near to home
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Date of last visit Monday, 21 October, 2019
Date of Review Tuesday, 3 April, 2018

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