Tadnoll Nature Reserve

Dry, humid and wet heath, bog, pools and the tadnoll stream make for a diversity of habitat in a lovely setting.


Turkey oak

Tadnoll: a jewel in the crown - Tadnoll is a reserve I visit when I just want a peaceful walk and to not get too engrossed in nature recording. There is plenty to record as the species list shows but the main pathway around the upper part of the reserve is so peaceful, interesting and just plain pleasant it is nice just to stroll around! Apart from the occasional train passing by and the occasional bird song there is little other noise and one does not see many other people there, just a few dog walkers. Although immediately to the west of Winfrith Heath and adjacent to it, it is so different in character and so much more varied in habitat and diversity of species. In addition to dry heath and acid grassland there are extensive areas of wet heath and the added interest of the Tadnoll Brook running through with the added interest it brings. Something for everyone and all interests at Tadnoll. A Dorset Wildlife Trust reserve, of course, and one of the many special places they manage; Tadnoll is certainly one of the jewels in their crown. . 

Site Name Tadnoll Nature Reserve
Protection Dorset Wildlife Trust, Site of Scientific Interest
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Diversity Very High (over 200 species)
Map Reference SY791875
Site Habitats
Site Diary
Diary Date Notes

First chance for a proper nature walk for some time so off to Tadnoll

  • Despite visiting Tadnoll several times in the past today was the first time I have seen the Turkey oaks
  • Devil's-bit scabious is in flower and looking good now
  • Found a pair of Eristalis nemorum with the male hovering guard over the egg-laying female