Middlebere Heath

An excellent example of acid grassland, a unique habitat


Middlebere Heath: classic acid grassland - In summer the acid grasslands of Middelebere Heath are awash with flowers and grasses. It may not have the most diverse array of species but for sheer volume of blooms it surpases many other sites in the area. Although littered with gorse and bramble there are many open areas where these flowers thrive and many of these species are very common, bordering on abundant and make a loively sight. In amongst the common flowers are some interesting ones too but they can take some finding! This area was once part of the nearby farm and was improved grassland for grazing. The National Trust now own it and have been axctively restoring it to a more antural state and they have done so with remarkable success. The heath is still grazed but now only lightly and by horses instead of cattle and this helps keep the growth of gorse, bramble and bracken under control leaving open areas for the flowers and grasses. From late April through to September this really is a special place and worthy of a couple of hours for a stroll.     

Site Name Middlebere Heath
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Diversity Average (100-150 species)
Map Reference SY965853
Site Habitats
Habitat Relationship
H2: Dry Heath/Acid Grassland Mosaic


W5: Conifer Plantation


Site Diary
Diary Date Notes

Sunny and warm for a walk on the heath but stil that breeze will not go away:

  • It is very dry, I have never seen so few flowers on Middlebere in summer
  • Common centaury is prospering though, including white ones that I cannot recall seeing before
  • The bee-wolf colony seems to be doing well

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