Luscombe Valley Local Nature Reserve

A narrow, wooded valley running from Branksome down to Poole Harbour.


Luscombe Valley Local Nature Reserve: mud, mud, glorious mud! - I always try to be positive about the nature reserves and wildlife hotspots I visit but occasionally I find one that disappoints me. Sadly, that was the case with Luscombe Valley. Why? Firstly, it is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and so I expected to see quite a bit including a couple of species I had not encountered before but I find on closer examination much of the SSSI actually lies within Parkstone Golf Club and as such, is inaccessible to the general public. That was my special species I had hoped for gone! Secondly, even in May after little recent rain and wearing walking boots I found much of the nature reserve inaccessible too. There are board walks and made up paths but these tend to lead you to mud. To add to the problems, on the day I visited there was a fallen tree across one of the paths and I had to take a detour though the thick, wet undergrowth and ended up with a bleeding scratch across the back of my neck. All in all, not a successful visit but nonetheless, I will be back in mid-summer to see what is about.  
Site Name Luscombe Valley Local Nature Reserve
Protection Local Nature Reserve, Site of Scientific Interest
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Diversity Low (50-100 species)
Map Reference SZ048897
Site Habitats
Habitat Relationship
F5: Ditches and streams


W4: Wet Woodland