Chalbury Hill

A disused quarry and an iron age hill fort - two for the price of one!


Chalbury Hill: Not for the feint hearted - Chalbury Hill is designated as a site of special scientific interest for both biological and geological reasons. It is not so much the hill that is of interest but the quarry that has been excavated into the side of it. The excavations reveal the rock structure of the underlying geology of the area. As with most abandoned quarries nature has made a comeback and the thin soil remaining provides a habitat for many different plants to grow, species that might struggle with more competition from grasses Where there are flowers, of course, insects can be found, especially butterflies and moths.  Much of the quarry area is sloping and there are large areas of rock scree which is loose and difficult to walk on and, in my view, Chalbury Hill is not a site for the feint hearted! I had to turn back from proposed diversions on several occasions; a site for the younger naturalist perhaps! That said, I enjoyed a pleasant hour here and found much to interest me.  
Site Name Chalbury Hill
Protection Site of Scientific Interest
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Diversity Low (50-100 species)
Map Reference SY693827
Site Habitats
Habitat Relationship
B5: Quarries & mineral extraction