August 2020

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This month so far

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Another bright and breezy afternoon so off to Stoborough Heath:

  • We walked the higher area of dry heath/acid grassland mosaic
  • Lots of gatekeepers but no other significant insects
  • Surprised at how compact rush is so frequent here rather than soft rush

It seemed a while since we went to Hethfelton Wood so we decided to put that right today:

  • The main path is lined with flowers on both sides even in August
  • The spotted longhorn beetle, the bog hoverfly and the greater parasitic fly were good to see
  • I have never seen the large patch of hairy St John's-wort here before

The woodland disabled car park is open again so we were able to take advantage of it today:

  • I have never seen the water level in the 'dragonfly' ponds so low
  • Very few insects about again despite plenty of flowers
  • Found a new cluster of Dorset heath by the ponds

Not the best time of year to visit the Corfe Meadows SSSI:

  • All the meadows have been cut for hay now
  • Everywhere is baked dry and plants are struggling to survive
  • Still a lot of flowers along the river's edge though

Some respite from the heat today so a short walk on Wareham Common

  • The nationally scarce whorled caraway in flower and in good numbers
  • Good to see the north SSSI has not been cut as a dry hay meadow this year and that the later flowering damp meadow flowers are prospering
  • There seem to have been much less grazing of the north SSSI this year too

After the morning rain cleared we took an afternoon stroll to East Holme from Holmebridge:

  • Some brilliant yellow tansey in flower along the roadside by the bridge I had not seen before
  • The corn marigolds in the field along the lane are almost all over now
  • The birch trees' leaves are turning yellow and beginning to fall as autumn approaches

First chance for a proper nature walk for some time so off to Tadnoll

  • Despite visiting Tadnoll several times in the past today was the first time I have seen the Turkey oaks
  • Devil's-bit scabious is in flower and looking good now
  • Found a pair of Eristalis nemorum with the male hovering guard over the egg-laying female