Winfrith Heath Nature Reserve

A large area of mainly wet heathland and bog


Winfrith Heath: In the bleak mid-winter! - I have to say I do not find Winfrith Heath a particularly welcoming place! It is bleak, even on a sunny day, and is a somewhat barren landscape. When walking one gets scatches and bites and it takes quite a bit of effort for not much gain as there is little there that cannot be seen elsewhere. In winter it is the most inhospitable of places! Please do not get me wrong here. I have no problem with it being a nature reserve, indeed I am thankful it is. It is classic Dorset heathland habitat with all the species that go with that. Wet areas, dry areas, low areas, high areas. With so much heathland habitat lost it is vital places like Winfrith Heath remain protected especially as a large area close by was lost when the now redundant nuclear power station was built in the during the 1950s. The low areas can be extremely boggy and often are unpassable, espcially in winter. If you are going to visit choose a nice day in late July or early August to see the silver-studded blues and the graylings which are both well established here.    
Site Name Winfrith Heath Nature Reserve
Protection Dorset Wildlife Trust, Site of Scientific Interest
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Diversity Average (100-150 species)
Map Reference SY805874
Site Habitats
Habitat Relationship
H1: Dry Heath


H3: Wet Heath


H4: Valley Mire and Bog