Troublefield Nature Reserve

A Dorset Wildlife Trust reserve tucked away by Bournemouth International airport. Wet, rough pasture with masses of flowers and lots of damselflies and butterflies.


Troublefield Nature Reserve: What is in a name? - On my way to the Dorset Wildlife Trust Troublefield nature reserve for the first time I was wondering how it got that name. I can only speculate that when all of the neighbouring land was a farm it was this field that would have given the farmer all the trouble! Far too wet to plough and sow and probably even too wet to graze with cattle to any extent so I guess that was the trouble field! As a nature reserve I have to say it is wonderful for damp meadow plants, lots of flowers along with a variety of reeds and sedges. Given the diversity and quantity of flowers I loved the number of butterflies present, as good a display as I have seen anywhere this year and lots of common blue and banded agrion damselflies too. I enjoyed my couple of hours there immensely although was I disappointed not to find the nodding burr-marigolds and the meadow-rue that apparently grow there; I will have to look again next year, possibly a bit earlier in the year. The trouble with Troublefield? Well, it is wet and heavy going! Do not go without your wellies regardless of how little rain we might have had. It is a bit tricky to find as well but then that helps to add to the isolation of the place, I did not see another soul whilst I was there. Finally, it is right next to the runway at Hurn (sorry Bournemouth International) airport so be prepared for the occasional large passenger jet take off. Frankly, the proximity of the airport did not spoil my visit at all, I just mention it in case it takes you by surprise. Troublefield is not big but it is not for the feint hearted or dog walker! Enthusiasts only here ...  
Site Name Troublefield Nature Reserve
Protection Dorset Wildlife Trust
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Diversity Average (100-150 species)
Map Reference SZ125975
Site Habitats
Habitat Relationship
F4: Slow moving rivers


G4: Rush & Purple Moor Grass