Bere Wood

Wonderful at bluebell time but a lovely woodland at any time.  

bere wood

Bere Wood: the sea of blue -

In spring you can see bluebells almost anywhere in Dorset, along roadside verges, on cliff tops, even on the heaths but to see them at their best one needs to go to one of the county's well established woodlands. Visiting woodland to see bluebells seems to be a very popular pass time and there is some debate as to where the best place for them is. Is it Pamphill in the east or Hooke Park in the west or perhaps Duncliffe Wood in the north? I am not sure exactly how one rates them but for me on sheer density of flowers over an expansive area it has to be the little known Bere Wood!

The best way to access Bere Wood is to park by the church in Bloxworth and walk west, cross the field and into the wood. The eastern end of the wood that you enter from this direction is the best from a nature perspective being mainly broadleaf trees. As you progress further in you encounter conifer plantation and extensive rhododendron and so there is very little to see.

As you progress further still you come to the paint-ball battle ground and the path, not signposted, veers left up the hill but there really is little of interest up that way. The paths can be quite muddy too so take care.

There are not only bluebells to be seen but many other woodland species too and spring is undoubtedly the best time to visit. The eastern end of Bere Woods is an absolute joy.  

Site Name Bere Wood
Protection Forestry
Average: 3 (1 vote)
Diversity Average (100-150 species)
Map Reference SY870950
County Dorset
Site Habitats
Habitat Relationship
W1: Broad-leaf Woodland


W5: Conifer Plantation


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Some areas of the wood have been planted with conifers

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The bluebells in spring are undoubtedly its highlight

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Some more bluebells because you cannot have too many!

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A delightful woodland walk any time of year

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The woods are privately owned by the Drax estate so one has to keep the defined but not well made tracks

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Site Diary
Diary Date Notes

A very hot afternoon so we made for the shade in Bere Wood:

  • I am amazed I have never noticed this avenue of beech trees in the middle of the wood before
  • Lots of gatekeepers on the brambles although the bramble flowers are nearly over now
  • We did not see or hear a single bird again ...



Hottest day of the year so far so we headed for the shade of Bere Wood:

  • Six silver-washed fritillary seen
  • Plentiful meadow brown even in the depth of the woodland along with speckled wood, large skipper, gatekeeper and small white
  • Bracken now dominates the woodland floor so flowers are hard to come by and not one bird seen!

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There is no information about this visit