Delph Wood

An interesting area of mixed woodland with a stream and remnants of mineral extraction ponds.


Delph Wood: a woodland of diversity - Once you have found Delph Wood you will enjoy your visit; that is a promise not a threat!. Delph Wood was once a much larger area of woodland but in Victorian times the new railway into Poole from the north cut the wood in two. The western half is now Broadstone Golf Club and the eastern half remains as the woodland you can walk in today. At the end of the driveway there is a surprise in store as set in the middle of the wood is Broadstone cricket club. It must be a lovely place to play cricket but they must spend hours looking for the ball every time someone clears the boundary! The wood itself presents a series of differing habitat and that, in turn, presents a diverse bio-culture. Broadleaf woodland with standard oak, beech, ash and sweet chestnut is interwoven with a few conifers that include scots pine. A small stream runs through the wood and there are various ponds, presumably as a result of mineral extraction at some point in the past. In the middle of the wood there is an open grassy area and then to the north of the wood you start to meet the influence of nearby Broadstone Heath.  Being close to housing there are the usual issues of dog walking and children's bicycles. It is a popular dog walking area, I lost count of the number I saw, but there is little sign of dog mess which is a credit to the local dog owners. The general disturbance to animals and birds from marauding dogs is a problem though. If you visit on a week day then the children will not disturb your peace! My only visit to date was in mid summer but I would think this site is at its best in April and May for spring flowers and in autumn for fungi so my species list probably does not do the site justice.   
Site Name Delph Wood
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Diversity Average (100-150 species)
Map Reference SZ016974
Site Habitats
Habitat Relationship
F2: Ponds


F5: Ditches and streams


W3: Mixed Woodland