Dewlands Common Local Nature Reserve

A smallish area of heath on the western edge of Verwood covered mainly in gorse and silver birch.


Dewlands Common Local Nature Reserve: coconut delight - I was a bit disappointed with my visit to Dewlands Common. It is not a large area and is covered mainly in gorse and I visited just after the gorse flowers had died off. If I had been two or three weeks earlier then it must have been a wonderful display of golden yellow with the familiar strong fragrance of coconut to accompany it. The common is, to my mind anyway, seriously overrun with gorse and needs some clearing as, apart from other scrub and silver birch, there is little botanical interest that I could find and I saw very few birds and virtually no insects. There is evidence that reptiles are present and so I suppose the habitat must suit them. It is not big site and does not take long to explore so if you do visit why not take in nearby Bugdens Copse and/or Stephens Castle to make your visit really worthwhile?  
Site Name Dewlands Common Local Nature Reserve
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Diversity Low (50-100 species)
Map Reference SU077081
Site Habitats
Habitat Relationship
H1: Dry Heath


S1: Hedgerow Scrub


W3: Mixed Woodland