Duncliffe Wood

Well known for bluebells but well worth a visit later in the year to see butterflies and woodland flowers.


Duncliffe Wood: bluebell dell - Duncliffe Wood is a well known north Dorset site for bluebells and many people visit in late April and early May just for that purpose, as we did! It is quite a large and diverse area of ancient woodland that was traditionally coppiced but the area was subject to some clearance in the 1950s and 1960s and replanted with conifers species, spruce and larch, but beech, ash, oak and hazel remain. The wood is now under the management of the Woodland Trust and the conifer plantation is gradually being felled to make way for the regeneration of its natural vegeatation. Some areas are still a little overgrown which impacts the view of the bluebells but still a magnificent sight in places along with the many other spring flowers. This is also considered to be a good site for insects later in the summer and well worth a visit to see butterflies.  
Site Name Duncliffe Wood
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Diversity Low (50-100 species)
Map Reference ST825225
Site Habitats
Habitat Relationship
W1: Broad-leaf Woodland