Kings Wood

A spring visit to see the ramsons is recommended!


Kings Wood: awesome ramsons - A visit to Kings Wood in early May reveals one of the most awesome botanical sights in Dorset, millions (yes millions) of white-flowered ramsons carpeting the woodland floor. They spread as far as the eye can see, quite amazing! Ramsons is also known as wild garlic and there is a definite scent of garlic as you make your way through the woodland. Kings Wood is not just a one trick pony, however. Much of it is ancient woodland and there is a good display of bluebells and primroses along with a number of ancient woodland indicator species such as moschatel and wood anemone. The path through the wood is steeply uphill and has a treat in store at the top as it leads out to Ailwood Down on the crest of the Purbeck Ridge which provides wonderful views across Poole harbour to the north and towards Swanage to the south.  Whilst you can meander from the main path through the wood it takes a lot of effort and needs a lot of care, especially if you walk through the carpet of ramsons as it can be very slippery and many trip hazards lie hidden by the big green leaves. Kings Wood is one of the little known gems of Purbeck; worth a visit any time but especially in spring.  
Site Name Kings Wood
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Diversity Low (50-100 species)
Map Reference SZ005815
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W3: Mixed Woodland