Millhams Mead Local Nature Reserve

A wild area on the lower reaches of the River Stour with lots to interest the amateur naturalist.


Millhams Mead Nature Reserve: tales of the river bank - Millhams Mead offers the visitor a range of differing habitats from riverside walks, grassy meadows, scrub and even a hint of woodland. As a result a visit in summer is going to be an interesting experience for the nature lover. Deceptively large for a suburban reserve the highlight is undoubtedly the walk along the southern bank of the river Stour which, in summer, provides a good number of damsels and dragons to look at including my favourite, the banded agrion and the quite scarce white-legged damselfly. However, where there is a river there is riverside vegetation and in this vegetation is all sorts of animal and vegetable interest. You can access the reserve from several places, I chose the entrance by the corpartion rubbish tip which may not have been the best one in some respects but it was the easiest to find. Many of the paths are accessible in a wheelchair but they may be a bit rough in paces! Despite the nearby houses, rubbish tip and main road I found Millhams Mead to be quite peaceful and a very pleasant place to spend a summer afternoon.  
Site Name Millhams Mead Local Nature Reserve
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Diversity Average (100-150 species)
Map Reference SZ063969
Site Habitats
Habitat Relationship
F4: Slow moving rivers


S2: Mixed Scrub