Riverside Meadows Nature Reserve

A small area of riverside meadow along the River Stour.


Riverside Meadows: down by the river side - Any walk along a riverside is always going to be interesting with a blend of water loving plants and animals mixing together with those more at home on land, especially those that respond to flooding from time to time. That said, Riverside Meadows was a little bit of a disappointment, possibly because we had to travel quite a way to get there to find it is just one field (the other is reserved for fishermen only). The river bank has various points for fishermen to while away the hours and I am sure it is very pleasant but for the nature lover perhaps a little low key! The riverside vegeation is good and thick and that favours the reserves speciality, the white-legged damselfly. However, it is predominantly nettles which, although good for many species of insect, rather dominates ones walk. I doubt one would see the species listed on the Dorset for You webpage; otter, kingfisher, snipe and so on. You would have to be exceedingly lucky to do so. So, if you are passing by all means drop in to Riverside Meadows, it only takes about 40 minutes to walk round but unless you plan to combine it with a visit to one of the other reserves nearby, do not make a special journey, well not of any distance anyway!  
Site Name Riverside Meadows Nature Reserve
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Diversity Low (50-100 species)
Map Reference ST786135
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F4: Slow moving rivers