St Adhelms Head and Emmetts Hill

Wonderful views of the dramatic Purbeck Coast, lots of natural interest and lots of steps; two hundred down and 200 up if you decide to take a round trip!


St Adhelms Head and Emmetts Hill: stepping out. - If you like a challenging walk and stunning views of the Dorset coast line then a circular walk from the car park near Renscombe Farm out to St Adhelms Head and then to Emmetts Hill and back is made just for you. After you leave St Adhelms you descend over 100 steep steps and then immediately climb over 100 more to get back to the top at Emmetts Hill. That is pretty demanding on the leg muscles and these days these steps are out as far as I am concerned. If, like me, you find that prospect daunting then just visit twice and do two 'there and back' walks to the top of each set of steps. St Adhelms is well known for its views and the ancient little chapel there. It is the most southerly point of the Purbeck coast and you can see for miles westwards. As you walk along the coastal path by Emmetts Hill you look down on the secluded cove at Chapmans Pool and, you can descend down to the shore here but remember, you have to come back up again. Apart from the views you are guaranteed some natural interest too, especially in mid-summer when the butterflies are active. It can get bust at weekends but is never crowded.     
Site Name St Adhelms Head and Emmetts Hill
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Diversity High (150-200 species)
Map Reference SY955765
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