Stour Meadows Nature Reserve

Although close to Blandford town centre a lovely spot along the River Stour 


Stour Meadows Nature Reserve: Otters come to town - Stour Meadows is a tale of two sites; it has a split personality! It lies just a short walk from Blandford town centre and next to the brewery; Tesco and other out-of-town shops are nearby. The western half is the closest to the town and is quite busy with people walking by on their way to and from the town. This is a favoured dog walking area and dogs are often in the river chasing the birds or their ball! As one moves eastwards a bridge crosses the river and takes the main path northwards leaving a much quieter area with good riverside vegetation and an excellent pond for dragonflies and damselflies as well as damp meadow flowers. During the summer of 2012 a family of otters were regularly seen on the river here and were filmed for Springwatch on BBC television. They are still there and make regular appearances early in the morning. Is Stour Meadows worth a visit? If you have reason to visit Blandford then, yes, do take an hour to browse along the lovely river Stour. You could alternatively combine it with a visit to the other reserve in Blandford, Milldown, and make a day of it.   
Site Name Stour Meadows Nature Reserve
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Diversity Average (100-150 species)
Map Reference ST888058
Site Habitats
Habitat Relationship
F4: Slow moving rivers


G2: Neutral Grassland