Two Mile Copse

A small, damp piece of woodland adjacent to DWT Lorton Meadows reserve


Two Mile Copse: What a relief - Two Mile Copse is a small area of woodland on the northern outskirts of Weymouth where it borders on Broadwey, It came to prominence some years ago now when the course for the proposed Weymouth relief road was announced as it was destined to go through this piece of woodland which prompted an angry response and the arrival of what were known as eco-warriors who set up home in the tree tops to prevent trees from being felled. The matter was eventually settled, the road built and much of the woodland remains. Although a small woodland it is actually part of a larger landscape and natural area as it borders on to the Dorset Wildlife Trust reserve at Lorton Meadows and forms part of the Lorton site of special scientific interest. Very different in character to the 'meadows' it makes an interesting diversion into an alternative habitat if you are visiting the DWT reserve. The woodland itself is managed by the Woodland Trust. Part of the woodland is considered to be ancient and has species that would confirm this and it was once coppiced but that ceased long ago. Mainly broad-leaved trees (ash, oak and hazel) on the higher drier ground becoming more wet as the ground slopes down (where willow, hawthorn and holly become more prominent). Much of the woodland is on a clay soil base and is quite damp and there are small streams and ditches that drain it but the paths can be quite muddy in places even in summer. I would not suggest a visit just to see the woods but if you are visiting the Lorton Meadows reserve then do take a detour through the wood, it is very pleasant.  
Site Name Two Mile Copse
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Diversity Very Low (less than 50 species)
Map Reference SY674819
Site Habitats
Habitat Relationship
F5: Ditches and streams


W1: Broad-leaf Woodland