Wareham Forest (Gore Heath)

A popular circular path for walkers (mostly with dogs) in Wareham Forest; busy at all times of the year, especially at weekends


Wareham Forest: Gore Heath - Although bearing the name Gore Heath this area is almost completely Forestry Commission conifer plantation, little clues as to its origin still remain along the rides and in occasional gaps amongst the conifers. It is predominantly dry heath on high ground. Best known, perhaps, by locals as Lawson Clump (the car park bears the name) it is a popular dog walking area and one rarely passes in daylight hours without several cars in the car park. All in all I am not a great fan of this site and, although close to home, I rarely visit. Conifer plantations are not generally good for wildlife other than wood ants! I have to ask myself, then, how I have recorded over 130 species on this site in the few times I have been there. It may be that the conifers are not there for ever as the area is, it seems, ear-marked to become a gravel pit at some point in the future; where will the dog walkers, mountain bikers, general cyclists and orienteering runners go then I  wonder.       
Site Name Wareham Forest (Gore Heath)
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Diversity Average (100-150 species)
Map Reference SY925915
Site Habitats
Habitat Relationship
H1: Dry Heath


W2: Acid Woodland


W5: Conifer Plantation